Exams & Reports


  • View Exam Timetable
  • View Exam Syllabus
  • The entire process of Weekly Tests, Monthly Tests, Periodic Assessments, Half Yearly Assessments, Final Assessments can be viewed
  • One set / two sets / three sets / four sets of question papers are generated to prevent copying during exams.
  • The Co-Scholastic Assessment generates real time reports of each child – based on Attendance, Punctuality, Uniform and Personal Cleanliness, Lunch completion, Homework done, Projects completed, Sports and Extra-curricular activities, Behaviour towards Staff and School mates, Behaviour towards School and Public property, Class Tests, Periodic, Half Yearly and Final Assessments.
  • View marks as well as grades in the Performance Reports.
  • View / Print Progress Reports – The report cards are generated automatically as per the school board format
  • Develop better rapport and communication with students and parents regarding their child’s performance.

The following reports are available

  • Student Details Report
  • Staff Details Report
  • Fees Received Report
  • Fees Due / Defaulter Report
  • Total Fee Report
  • Sent / Received Messages Report
  • Student Attendance / Late / Absent Report
  • Staff Attendance / Late / Absent Report
  • Daily Classwork Timetable
  • Daily Classwork Report
  • Daily Homework Timetable
  • Daily Homework Report
  • Exam Timetable / Exam Syllabus
  • Exam Syllabus Progress / Completion Report
  • View Question Bank
  • View Worksheets
  • Student Daily / Monthly Performance Report
  • Class Daily /Monthly Performance Report
  • Staff Daily / Monthly Performance Report
  • All Staff Daily / Monthly Performance Report
  • Scholastic & Co-Scholastic Progress Report